Diocesan Children Worship Conference (BM)

We give thanks to the Lord for 1108 participants in this conference. We focused on equipping the children to be true worshippers based on John 4:23. All the teaching sessions and workshops revolved around - What? Why? How? Who? and Where? - to worship. Rev Roy, Ps Stella, Ps Albertina and Ps Freda were our speakers. In the evening and night time, the participants went to diernt workshops - drama, choir, dance and tambourine taught by Nielynda, Esther Ho, Corazon and Faith Lo. The children were also taught on prayer and to put prayer into practice. The conference ended with a 'family rally' where Bishop Melter gave a powerful commission for the children to reurn to their churches praising and worshiping the Lord. We hope the children will grow to be true worshippers who are enthusiastic, giving glory to God and serving Him in their churches.