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A Fresh Reminder To Follow Jesus

As soon as the appointment of the new Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Sabah was officially announced sometime in February this year, I received numerous calls and text messages congratulating me as well as asking me of my feelings and plans for the Diocese. While thanking and appreciating their kind congratulatory messages, I told them honestly that there were no extraordinary feelings in my heart, neither have I got plans for the Diocese. What mattered to me the most at that point of time was the need for me to be still before the Lord and to listen to Him. It was not about my (human) plans for the Diocese that mattered, rather God’s intended plan and purpose that He wanted me to fulfill during the season of my leadership in the Diocese. So my visit to the Holy Land towards the end of March this year was very timely. While in the Holy Land, the Lord impressed upon my heart as I was praying upon these five words: SHEPHERD, LOVE, HUMILITY, CROSS, CROWN.