Mission Team to Taiwan

Three mission teams to Taiwan consisting of a group of 31 from 7 different parishes were led by Dean Chak, Canon Paul Lau and Rev Jeffery Kong.

Team one led by Dean Chak to Miaoli (Northwest)

A Hakka church of about 60 persons in Sunday attendance was considered the biggest church in Miaoli county and this was their first time receiving an overseas mission team. Reaching out to Hakka people in Miaoli is a real challenge. By the grace of God, 3 persons received Christ through personal evangelism.

There are 4 million Hakka people (about 15% of the total population) in Taiwan and only 0.4% are Christian. There are fewer than 30 Hakka speaking churches and most of them are very small in their Sunday attendance.

It’s encouraging to note that The Bible Society in Taiwan published the new Romanized Hakka Bible last April and the Presbyterian published a new Hakka Hymnbook this year. The Hakka Choir in All Saints’ Cathedral has learned 4 Hakka hymns and are now singing the hymns in the Hakka service.

Team Two led by Canon Paul Lau (Taichung, Tai Ping, Jiao-Xi and Kee-Lung)

This team visited 4 Anglican churches and most of them have a congregation of 70-80 worshippers every Sunday.

In general, they run community caring ministry as a touch point with the communities for the gospel. Their ministries involved running a kindergarten, caring of children from less-privileged families and after-class tuition, and through this they bring the gospel into the families.

Team Two led a youth Alpha meeting and brought 4 youth to Christ and ministered to about 35 youth. The relationship between Sabah Diocese and Taiwan Anglican Church was further strengthened.

Team Three led by Rev Jeffery Kong (Taichung)

Taichung Da Tu Xiang Qian Church, an independent church received the team. The team was given opportunities to join their prayer-walk, preaching and sharing on Sunday and almost 100 persons were ministered to. The team also visited a hospital and ministered to 45 orphans. During their home visitations, a single mother with two boys accepted Christ and came to the Sunday service. The team experienced the mighty work of the Lord and they were asked to go back again.