Medical Camp in Kampung Monopod, Sugut

Kampung Monopod is located in Sugut, 40 kilometers from Nangoh. Travel to Kg Monopod from Nangoh by road takes about two hours in 4-wheel drive vehicles. It has a population of about 200 people with no health facility nearby. There is a congregation of Anglican members in Kg Monopod worshipping in St Phillip Church. Holy Nativity Church Nangoh had organized this medical and dental services camp with support from members in Beluran, Kota Kinabalu and Lahad Datu.

14 March 2014 – Travelling day

Members from Kota Kinabalu, Beluran and Lahad Datu gathered in Holy Nativity Church Nangoh. Among the team members is a doctor who travelled from Kuala Lumpur specifically for this event. Due to heavy traffic we were only able to gather at 6pm and leave for Kg Monopod after a short briefing. The team was lead by Priest In Charge of Holy Nativity Nangoh Rev Sammamadin Uloi. Nightfall came soon after we left and the journey was quite challenging with gravel and muddy road. The team reached Kg Monopod safely just before 9pm. Members were accommodated in the spacious priest house.

15 March 2014 – Camp Day

Preparations started at 8am. Registration and goods distribution was done at the hall, medical services given at church and dental service at the priest house. Several youth from Nangoh was present to help during the camp.

Total of 130 villagers came for treatment. 45 persons received dental treatment with 30 tooth extractions. The turnout of villagers to seek medical services were encouraging as we were able to reach out to some villagers who practiced paganism who usually does not believe in medical treatment. The Diocese Welfare Board presented 50 copies of Bible to the Priest In Charge for distribution later. Other items given out during the camp was toothbrushes, clothings, milk powder and colour pens.

Appreciation to Rev Samamadin Uloi, Priest In Charge of Holy Nativity Church Nangoh who organized this camp and members from Nangoh who provided much support during preparations, running of the camp and cooking for the team. Thanks to all the members from Kota Kinabalu, Beluran and Lahad Datu who made up the medical team, assistants and driving the team to the camp. Individuals who sent the team with prayer and provided help in logistics, accommodation and giving of goods to the villagers.

- Dr Peter Thien
(Chairman of Diocesan Welfare and Disaster Board)